House Organisation Service – Testimonials

When it comes to client satisfaction, we like to put our money where our mouth is. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the independent review site Trustpilot, where our clients are invited to review their experience.

Lucy Tipp, East Sussex

A professional and sensitive service which has had lasting benefits!

The declutter that we had with Julia and Estelle was fabulous. They were so professional with their communication, guidance and support, and were equally sensitive with their questions about our use of the space and importance of our belongings. I was surprised at how quickly the time flew by, and how much we managed to complete in the day. It was like a new kitchen by the time they left. Not only was the day itself really useful, but since then my husband and I have been applying the techniques Julia and Estelle taught us to work our way through the rest of the house. The kitchen is still tidy and organised a month on, and we have even made a few pounds selling our unwanted/ unused ‘clutter’. Double bonus!

Mims Thornton, Kent

Estelle and Julia have left us with a legacy…

Having had our dream kitchen fitted four years ago, for some reason it had never worked. Never enough cupboards or preparation space; always cluttered and untidy,  disorganised chaos that, when we tried to tidy it, took ages to sort out and still looked a mess and nowhere to cook. And yet, our kitchen is a large space with everything you could possibly want, from a pull out spice cupboard to a beautiful glass door display cabinet. However, it took Estelle and Julia to tactfully and gently help us identify the problems.   From getting rid of out of date food to questioning hanging on to equipment we had not used in years. They were amazing at sorting and reorganising  things logically, like having our beautiful china on display instead of in several  cupboards!  The changes they made have completely altered the way we use the space. It still feels like our kitchen, but much better and easier to use and keep tidy. Everything has a place now and, by taking us on this journey and explaining the theories behind their ‘clearing concept’, Estelle and Julia have left us with a legacy where we have been inspired to continue using their techniques in other areas of our home. We might have to get them back to sort the garage though, I think we need the experts for that.