Home Decluttering Services

When we tell people about our home decluttering services, we generally get two reactions:

“Is decluttering even a thing?” Or, “Oh my God, I need you round my house!”

The truth is, we’ve yet to visit a house that doesn’t need at least a touch of decluttering and organising, and people seriously underestimate the negative effects a chaotic home can have on their well-being.

Asking for help isn’t admitting defeat, it’s taking back control of your life.

So to get to the point, let’s tell you what we actually do!

Step One

We get to know you a little better and what a happy home life means to you. We then analyse your space and pinpoint what areas in particular are preventing you from living the life you want.

Step Two

We show you category by category how much you truly have. This normally shocks people… a lot! It’s very common to not remember how much you’ve bought, so don’t worry, we won’t judge you too much.

Step Three

Together, we put all of your things back in a way that makes more sense, minus all the stuff you’ve decided to get rid of.  If you get stuck making a decision, don’t panic – we’ll always give you a nudge in the right direction. We’re pretty good at knowing what stuff you like or don’t like because faces don’t lie, and we pay attention.

The result is a home full of only the things that you love and value. 

Once everything has been given a proper home, keeping your space clean and tidy will be a breeze and you’ll make better decisions about what you bring into your home.

This process is designed to change your mindset and help you to understand what’s truly important to you, and we believe that once you put your home in order, other areas of your life will follow.

The Clearing Concept – Helping you sort out your life … one room at a time.

Home Decluttering Services
Home Decluttering Services
Home Decluttering Services


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